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Healing stones · Lithotherapy

The wonderful gift of mother nature!

Did you know about the self-healing power of precious and semi-precious stones? They can help with sleep patterns, interaction with others, self-confidence and even improving concentration, and that’s just the beginning.

Lithotherapy refers to the art of treating disorders using the properties of mineral stones to maintain balance between the mind, body and soul. It can help at a physical, as well as a psychological and spiritual level. You might find the removal of emotional blockages and discover a heightened awareness. The energy of stones relates to their chemical composition, vibration, color and form.

Gems and crystals have properties that act on our senses because they are made up of minerals that are identical to the minerals in our bodies. Scientists have shown that crystals and minerals exist in our bodies. Crystals are used to restore energetically the mineral deficiencies that cause changes in the functioning of our body and our metabolism, treating physical, mental and emotional diseases. Minerals are the oldest “inhabitants” of the Earth and have accumulated over billions of years in their crystals tremendous amount of energy.

Stones and minerals have qualities that can help remove physical and psychological stress. The stone in question triggers a singular vibrational resonance on contact with the skin, stimulating organic minerals and eliminating potential bodily dysfunctions. When these are placed onto chakras or worn as pendants, they treat the organs to which they are naturally connected.

  • Lithotherapy acts by the colors emitted, colored vibrational waves. The energy of the color has a strong action on our senses, and on physiological functions
  • Lithotherapy acts by piezo-electricity: a quartz necklace creates a frequency phenomenon around the neck that regulates nerve influxes, removing stress and inflammation problems
  • Lithotherapy acts by enzyme reactions: gems in contact with the skin transmit their properties through enzyme reactions. They diffuse infinitely small doses of minerals, copper, lithium, silicon, etc. (like the principle of homeopathy)

Lithotherapy acts fast and has only positive side-effects! It works for everyone, children, adults, animals, plants and even habitat.

Some stones have a calming effect (aquamarine, rose quartz…), others stimulate (ruby, fire opal…), while still others have a strengthening or protective effect (black tourmaline or obsidian…). Just wearing or carrying a stone is enough benefit from its marvellous properties.

The lithotherapy sessions are as much about bringing you to a state of inner calm and serenity as unleashing the powers of self-healing the body has dormant within it. It induces deep relaxation, calming the mind and promoting a sense of balance, peace, and harmony. The benefits are numerous, each with its own broad sphere of action.

These benefits are just as noticeable in children as in adults (for example, a hyperactive child achieves a natural state of calm and learns to be more centred, while an introverted child gains in self-assurance). Same for pets!

Today, crystals are essential tools for some daily technologies, like Quartz for the manufacture of parts for clocks and computers (for its vibrational properties, having a frequency that is both balanced and unique) or Ruby and diamond lasers to cut glass or even granite that may one day be the sidewalk of our homes. They are also used at hospital as an antibacterial (copper, silver).

What can lithotherapy treat, support and / or achieve?

  • Stress, nervousness, mood swings, sleep disorders
  • Anxiety, listlessness, negative feelings, depressive moods
  • Fatigue, difficulty concentrating, clarity of thoughts
  • Self-confidence, inner stability, positive attitude towards life
  • Pain, tension
  • Teething in children, menopausal symptoms, detoxification
  • Illnesses, inflammations, circulatory problems
  • Allergies, skin problems
  • Meditation, energy work, grounding
  • Radiation exposure, electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog)
  • Energetic protection

My consultations will include information on how to choose a stone, cleanse a stone, charge your stone, how to use crystals as well as what you can do with them. We will harmonize your chakras with the help of healing stones and I´ll explain you how to protect yourself as well as your home from negative energy.

It´s a great way to explore how to use crystals and gemstones in your everyday life.

Price of a complete consultation: 80 € (chakra meditation included)


Name: Healing stones

Service: Consultation

Duration: 60 min

Price: 80 €

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