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Metamorphic Touch Technique

Unleash your full potential!

Sometimes you are not aware of the source of patterns that influence your life, your choices and your responses to situations. Patterns are stored in the body’s “reflex points” and by definition are often below your conscious awareness. You experience discomfort of many types when these patterns block you from having what you want.

Metamorphic Technique enables the individual to free deep blocks in their body’s energy pattern and bring about resolution of stuck patterns at the root of problems in their life and health. It is a non-directive approach to unblocking the patterns that no longer serve you. The technique can change your perspective on life and reveal a growing sense of purpose and inner strength.

What is Metamorphic Touch?

The Metamorphic Technique is a simple tool that enables us to move from feelings of limitation towards accessing more of our potential. It is a holistic practice which consists of unraveling engrams (trace, imprint left in the brain by a past event and capable of reviving or memory) imprinted in our unconscious from preconception until birth by a non-interventionist technique, based on reflexological points. The metamorphic touch is focused on the spinal, conception and birth reflex points of reflexology; the areas that relate to your conception, gestation, birth and early attachment. All memories of the prenatal period are contained in the spinal column, the fetus being leaning, during its gestation, by its column, against the placenta. Any emotion, tension and event that the mother feels, is thus printed via the column baby's spine. Both parents are involved in this process. In an energetic sense the events of this period have a dramatic influence on our character and behaviour. Our conception and gestation influence the bedrock of our beliefs and patterns in the world, these experiences have echoes throughout our lives. The story of our birth also makes a strong imprint on our way of being, for example someone born by emergency caesarian might always feel dragged off before they're ready to go, or babies with a long gestation might like to take their time with things and so on. When these deep patterns are creating problems in your life, it can be a lengthy slog to unpick them and metamorphic can clear these blocks to facilitate a deep healing.

One of the strengths of this work is that the therapist stays detached from the outcome of the treatment. The touch allows the intelligence of your own innate life-force to flow in the appropriate direction for you.

What to Expect: In the practice of the Metamorphic Technique the practitioner uses a light touch on the feet, hands and head (meridians). Practitioners cannot predict or guarantee what will happen after a session because this depends on the uniqueness of each person’s own life force. People often feel energized, relaxed or both, however practitioners have absolutely no expectation of there being any right or wrong way for people to feel after a session. In some cases responses are immediately noticeable, while in others they are more subtle. Many people who have sessions have reported an array of different benefits. They can range from having more energy and confidence to improvements in physical, mental or emotional health, releasing of old habits or gradually letting go of past hurts. Face difficulties with more lightness and letting go of fears. People often report significant changes in the way they see life and how they feel and think about themselves; in many cases they experience a growing sense of purpose and inner strength, a better anchoring and good balance in life as well as an awakening of consciousness. It seems people may feel drawn to the Metamorphic Technique to create more of what they need in their lives, both as individuals and in the world as a whole. Some people have described it like ‘coming home to themselves’. In addition to its emotional benefits, massage metamorphic is calming, relaxing, “relieving fatigue”, decongestant. It stimulates the lymphatic circulation, is regenerative of vital energy and regulates the system.

You might decide to book a metamorphic session if you wanted to:

  • Change the patterns in your relationships
  • Respond to stress differently
  • Move on in your life
  • Release old habits and beliefs about the world that no longer serve you
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • Feel 'more yourself'
  • Just LET GO!

It is entirely up to each person to determine the number and frequency of sessions received. Some people are happy to have just one session, while others have sessions every so often or when they feel the need.

The benefit of the technique is that it is a drug-free and safe for anyone, it can also be used alongside conventional medical treatment.


Name: Metamorphic-Touch

Service: practice

Duration: 60 min

Price: 80 €

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